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I have had the opportunity to work with brands with products, missions, and customer connections that I believe in and support. The relationship with each brand I work with is unique, but the overarching themes of authenticity, passion, and positivity are important to me in each of these partnerships.

Partnership Types

  • Full-time representation

  • Action and lifestyle photoshoots

  • In-person appearances & speaking

  • Expedition stories (written, video, or live)

  • Product testing, reviews & testimonial

  • Social media content

A note on brand responsibility
and sustainability

Sustainability, inclusivity, and accountability are personal convictions for me and are large factors in my decision-making process of which brands I work with. I believe we (as athletes, brands, and outdoors people) must ensure we are representing our sports in a responsible way on our platforms. I carry this belief into every partnership I have. 


Past & Current* Partners

  • Fischer Ski *

  • Protect Our Winters *

  • Ibex Wool *


  • Athletic Brewing

  • Flowfold

  • Eastern Mountain Sports

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