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  • Torey Lee Brooks

Goal Details: 25 Fastest Known Times

Running in the desert in Arizona


A Fastest Known Time (FKT) is the completion of a specific route done on foot quicker than any other known (or tracked) person within the category.

The "Why"

I began looking at the FKT site for inspiration on "classic" routes to run. After seeing that many routes did not have women's times posted I was motivated to begin going after some FKTs for myself, with the hope of encouraging other ladies to go after some themselves!


Ladies, if you beat any of my FKT's I'd love to treat you to a coffee and get to know you! Please reach out (I will also keep an eye on the site and reach out to you!)

The Women's Sports Foundation (WSF) works to build a future where every girl and woman can play, be active, and realize her full potential. They are building a movement of movement through research, advocacy, community impact, and partnerships. They believe it’s time to transform the game so that every girl and woman can realize her power.

I think it's important to continue to encourage and support women and girls to strive in sports, toe up to the line, and prove that they have just as much right to be out in the mountains as any man. The WSF helps this mission from programs for your girls getting into sports, to scholarships for women athletes at the highest levels.


Please see the FKT site for the technicalities behind setting an FKT.

Personally, I am looking to complete these 25 FKT's as a mix of beating existing women's times, setting the first women's times, and even creating a few FKT's of my own!


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