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  • Torey Lee Brooks

Goal Details: Trace every trail in Southern NH

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Winter run on Mt. Major in Alton, NH


MacGray & Smiths Southern NH Trail Guide outlines roughly 750 miles of trails in Southern NH open for public use. These trails are coastal, forest, urban and mountainous and can be found close and far from almost all major NH cities.

The "Why"

I want to explore in my own backyard and prove that you don't have to live in the mountains to recreate outdoors. There is so much opportunity to get into nature within reach of your home, and I plan to visit all of these places by challenging myself to run every trail as outlined in the guidebook.

The Cause: NH State Parks

The mission of the Division of Parks and Recreation is to provide New Hampshire’s citizens and guests with outstanding recreational, educational, and inspirational experiences through the responsible management and cooperative stewardship of the state’s natural, recreational, and cultural resources.

Many of these trails are owned and/or managed by NH State Parks and I think it's important to give back to the organizations that make recreating in these areas possible!


Hike or run all trails outlined in the 5th edition of the Southern NH Trail Guide. This includes each trail defined in the guide in its entirety, which will no doubt require many out and backs, crisscrosses, and repeats making for much more than 750 miles. Ski touring will count as it's still on foot, biking will not.

See the list of past "Southern NH Tracing" finishers here.


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