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Past Projects & Accomplishments

I've had the opportunity to go to some pretty cool places, do some pretty cool things and challenge myself in some pretty cool ways. This is where I (hopefully humbly) brag about these things. To stay up to date on my "in progress" accomplishments, visit my "Goals for Good" page or follow me on social media. 

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  • Descents of some of the steepest, most technical lines in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

  • AIARE 1 Avalanche Course & Rescue Course

  • Last Skier Standing Ski Ultra

  • 12+ years as a competitive alpine ski racer ( 8+ years as a race coach and program director) 

Endurance Events
(Running & Multisport)


Climbing (Rock & Ice)

  • Sport redpoint up to 5.12

  • Leads ice up to WI3+

  • Multi-pitch and alpine trad up to 5.10+

Other Skills & Experience

  • Inclusive Ski Touring Women's Program Leader

  • Wilderness First Responder Certification

  • Outdoor snack coinneseaur

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