Join my Support Crew

My support crew is a special group of people who help me raise money for the causes I believe in. 

Each member of the Support Crew pledges a set amount per goal increment, or summit, that I achieve

(most commonly $1 or $2 a summit).

A summit means the following for each of my goals: 

  • A single new presidential ski line, classic ski tour, 5.12 rock climb, FKT, or 4,000 footer completed.

  • Every 5% increment of trails in Southern NH I trace/climbs at Rumney I climb (5.10 and under)

As of now, I am hoping to be able to achieve 10-15 summits a quarter. 

I will post "summit statements" every 3 months to keep everyone up to date on my progress.  The quarterly sum will then be divided and delivered to the appropriate non-profits. One-time donations will be distributed evenly across all of my causes and can be made directly to my Venmo (please title it S4S donation) or through the Pledge It Page below.


*A note: Fundraising platforms charge a fee for collecting electronic payments- I will be personally offsetting this charge for Pledge It. This means that your entire donation will be getting to the non-profits and to the good work they are doing. This is also why I ask for one-time donations to be made through my Venmo when possible* 



2021 Summit Counts & Statement Links: 

Q2- April, May & June  (16 summits) 

Q3- July, August, September (6 summits)

Q4- October, November, December (5 summits)

2022 Summit Counts & Statement Links: 

Q1- January, February & March (15 summits)