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Join my Support Crew

My support crew is a special group of people who help me raise money for the causes I believe in. 


Being part of the "crew" on my Kofi page also comes with insider access to my daily activities, projects, and any tips or tricks I pick up along the way. 

These donations are made either through one-time donations or monthly contributions to non-profits and organizations I believe will make the outdoors and our world a better place. 

I will post "summit statements" every 3 months to keep everyone up to date on my progress. 

2021 Summit Counts & Statement Links: 

Q2- April, May & June  (16 summits) 

Q3- July, August & September (6 summits)

Q4- October, November & December (5 summits)

2022 Summit Counts & Statement Links: 

Q1- January, February & March (15 summits)

Q2- April, May & June (8 summits)

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